August 5, 2008

I commissioned a piece of art two or three weeks ago from, a site run by artist Jan Leenders.  It’s all based on Twitter, a social networking site where you post a status update (much like in Facebook) in 140 characters or fewer.  Click “Read this first” on the twit2art website and all is explained more eloquently than I can put it.

Anyway, I was tweet number 37, so mine cost €37 which is a pretty good deal I’d say, and it arrived today.

It’s mixed media with acrylic, as they all are (thanks to Jan for putting me right on that), and mounted on a wooden frame. I thought I would have to mount it/frame it myself, so that was a nice surprise.  And it measures 12cm x 18.5cm, for those who like to know such things. It’s neat. :)  Of course, as soon as I tweeted I wished I’d posted something profound or meaningful, but hey, I love my piece of art and that’s what matters. Thanks Jan.

Zemanta Pixie

Nine Inch Nails, via Creative Commons, have very generously provided their new album, The Slip, for free download to one and all. It’s a good move to thank their fans, but it’s also a good way to encourage people to get to know them.

As one who is newly exploring what’s out there, and therefore has a great deal of ground to make up, this was very good news. So I downloaded it earlier tonight and am now on my third fourth listen: it’s awesome, and a terrific introduction to this band.

the slip

There is such a lot going on in their music but yet it’s not at all cluttered: there’s a clarity to the sound that lets you hear everything that’s going on.  Contrast between tracks, that range from ambient sounds to upbeat rocker numbers, gives a satisfying impetus to the whole: we are brought on a journey and I certainly didn’t want to stop after any part of it. They’re not afraid to make creative use of inventive instrumentation (including effective use of an out-of-tune piano, something usually guaranteed to set my teeth on edge, but here it works) and there’s superb use of a huge dynamic range especially in the ambient tracks. The vast crescendi threaten to take you over, and you can only wallow in the impact of this delicious soundscape. I love it.

Think I’ll be looking out their back catalogue.