Save Liberty Hall

April 25, 2008

Liberty Hall is an icon of the Dublin sky. Catch it at sunrise or sunset and it glows evocatively over the river Liffey. It was an Architectural feat of its day, and still adds character to the Dublin horizon.

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Reproduced with permission by Felix Lamouroux

It is now to be demolished to make way for something slick and noughties, but many of us believe it could be refurbished and made pristine for half the cost. She was beautiful once, and could be again. Heaven knows, there are many, better, sixties candidates for the current building death squad

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It has already been eloquently written about many times, so here is more info in

It’s a terrific building and while the ground floor isn’t much to write home about now, it could be again. Please don’t let them take away what little is left! If you like the building, think it adds to Dublin’s architectural heritage and is worthy of saving, please sign the petition HERE.