I’m Debbie, and I’m in Dublin, Ireland, where I’ve lived since I came down from Belfast to be a student. I have two lovely tabbies, Freddie and Jessica, and until last year had three more gorgeous felines, Pucci, Scamp and Suzie.

I love music, dancing, cats, gardening, design, walking by the sea, socialising, art & architecture (especially modern), green/eco things, techy stuff, and my MacBook & iTouch. Oh, and photography (I’m learning, with a Nikon D40), and probably other things I’ve forgotten. Travel, conversation, meeting people, and more.

I’m a self confessed plant geek, and spent a year in the US verifying plant names for a large public garden.

Last year I discovered the Indie music scene and started going to gigs—I think last year I went to around 25 gigs, including my first ever festival, Electric Picnic. I sometimes write about them too, but have missed the last few (though I may yet catch up with that.)  Some of them are written up in MySpace and some (well one so far) at Last.FM.

I’m a garden designer, and I’ve been lecturing in communications for Teagasc at the Botanic Gardens and in Kinsealy.  I’m still doing some music typesetting (an older string to my bow) and have some techy aspirations too. I’m experienced in project management and admin, and happy to do that too.

I like colour and texture…

Flowers and foliage…

Smooth and spikey…

I can be found at Flickr and Twitter.

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