August 5, 2008

I commissioned a piece of art two or three weeks ago from, a site run by artist Jan Leenders.  It’s all based on Twitter, a social networking site where you post a status update (much like in Facebook) in 140 characters or fewer.  Click “Read this first” on the twit2art website and all is explained more eloquently than I can put it.

Anyway, I was tweet number 37, so mine cost €37 which is a pretty good deal I’d say, and it arrived today.

It’s mixed media with acrylic, as they all are (thanks to Jan for putting me right on that), and mounted on a wooden frame. I thought I would have to mount it/frame it myself, so that was a nice surprise.  And it measures 12cm x 18.5cm, for those who like to know such things. It’s neat. :)  Of course, as soon as I tweeted I wished I’d posted something profound or meaningful, but hey, I love my piece of art and that’s what matters. Thanks Jan.

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