July 11, 2008

My Moo cards arrived yesterday, and they are FAB!

100% recycled, they don’t have the glossy look of the non-recycled, but they’re thick, substantial, and very well printed. Fifty different images with full colour on the back (mine are lightish brown with white lettering) came to around €15 – amazing value. They arrived in a few days too. You can chose your own images as I did, or opt for some of theirs and they have a wide range of fabulous designs.

They do a number of products including mini-Moo cards pictured here:

and note cards:

Browse HERE for the full range and order your Moo cards today!

4 Responses to “Moo!”

  1. Keri Davies Says:

    Moo cards are great. It’s amazing that they’ve taken so long to do the business card size.

  2. debbiemet Says:

    Absolutely, though the minis are great too. I had a trial run with them today, handing them out to friends and interested people at a wedding I was at, and all were really impressed. It didn’t feel as formal as handing out ‘real’ business cards, and so it seemed more appropriate – a real win-win. I think Moo will have a few more orders on the strength of today.

  3. thats excellent – i was making my own for ages [please dont tell anyone]… but it takes me frickin ages just to get one right so i end up giving up and jus buying one… this seems about half way

    nice one debbie!
    slán go foill

  4. Simon Says:

    I’m going to have to get me some of these cards. I’ve been working for several decades without a business card and yet a young postgrad hands me her elegant designed one at a conference. Time for change!

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